He swears he’s a lap dog. #goldendoodle

My dog and my girl are the best things in the world (also the prettiest).

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The mistake people make when they talk about not being able to trust Wikipedia is in the implicit assumption that we could trust encyclopedias as infallible sources before Wikipedia.

I like Wikipedia because I know it could be wrong. Regular encyclopedias can be wrong, too, but my guard was never up in the same way with them as it is with Wikipedia. I like Internet media specifically for the reason that Aaron Sorkin doesn’t like it: because it makes it that much more difficult for me to have any illusions about the fact that the burden of critical thought is on me.

I don’t automatically trust bloggers because a group of people I’ve never met decided to give them a badge that says “reporter” on it. I don’t turn off my critical thinking because they’ve gotten to be some sort of “professional”. I have to judge them on the merits of their writing and history of thoughtfulness or thoughtlessness alone. That is a feature, not a bug, because we should never trust any news media outlet implicitly.

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And from here on, wherever you see bigotry in the genre? Attack it. Don’t wait for it to come directly at you; attack it even if it’s hitting another group. If you won’t ride or die for anyone else, how can you expect them to ride or die for you? Understand that there are people in this genre who hate you, and who do not want you here, and who will hurt you if they can. Do not tolerate their intolerance. Don’t be “fair and balanced.” Tell them they’re unwelcome. Make them uncomfortable. Shout them down. Kick them out. Fucking fight.

"Don’t wait for it to come directly at you; attack it even if it’s hitting another group. If you won’t ride or die for anyone else, how can you expect them to ride or die for you?"

From N. K. Jemisin’s Wiscon 38 Guest of Honour speech. Click on through; there’s nothing someone like me can usefully add to this, except to tell as many people as possible to read it.

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Comedian and journalist Stella Young is tired of people telling her she’s an “inspiration” just for getting up in the morning. In a hilarious, hard-hitting, and thought-provoking talk at TEDxSydney, she explains why.   

Watch the full talk here»

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I love The Sims because it’s basically just a bunch of pansexual people speaking gibberish and setting their houses on fire.

The pansexual agenda.

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been working on this piece the whole day and i love the way its coming out

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  • nice friend person: hey, how've you been?
  • me: capitalism is crushing me. i am barely surviving. i am full of toxic resentment. i want revenge.
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I am taking a week off of work to try and get myself composed, and then thinking about significantly cutting my hours after that.

I’m not doing well at all. Camping was like a little bubble of sanity and disconnect from life and cell service and money issues. The second we returned I crashed again.

My therapist wants me to call to move up my next psychiatrist appointment to soon. I need to talk with him about meds and probably see what he thinks about me applying for disability. He hasn’t been much help since he’s made it pretty clear that I’m not “bad enough” to be worth much time.

But I can see myself spiraling and I don’t want to become bad enough to be admitted to inpatient and earn his attention.

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youre gonna look so goddamn cool

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you know, i’m a raging lesbian and i was never distracted by what other girls in my classes were wearing in high school. this is a male problem, not an “attracted to women” problem.

This is an “inability to respect women” problem.

Which is a male problem.

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  • 15-year-old me: MOM I'm practically an ADULT ugggh you never let me do ANYTHING in olden times i could get MARRIED *eye roll into another dimension*
  • me now: for my birthday i want food and to stay on your health insurance
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I Don’t Know How Much Vodka I Put In This But I’m Going To Drink It Anyways: a memoir

This drink tastes awful, but I can’t waste alcohol: a sequel

I’m going to get a bigger glass and add more mixer and have way too much to drink: The Thrilling Conclusion

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So this weekend got me thinking about equipment for Sebastian in the future.

I discovered that I felt more comfortable when I held onto the part of his halter that goes just under his chin. It allowed him to put some pressure on it when we were walking and the slight pull grounded me like woah.

I think I would love to put him in a mobility type harness when he gets older and can take the extra weight without issues. I would love to be able to have a hand on him at all times when I’m stressing. A leash just doesn’t cut it. The handle would be great for slight pressure when we’re moving, and also for leading/bracing/exit-finding tasks.

Idk if it would be dumb for a panic disorder dog to have mobility gear, but it’s all about what helps me, right?

I also want to have more storage in his vest. He carried his treats and poop bags and his bandana (which I take just in case he needs a break, so I can remove his vest but still mark him as a service dog so I don’t get access challenged) and that was awesome.

It would be cool if he had the room to carry my wallet and other small things if needed. Having my hands and body free of stuff really helps reduce my anxiety.

Eh. Just something to think about for the future.